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Program Committee and Colloquia

Program Co-Chairs:
Mitchell D. Smooke, Yale University, USA
Hideaki Kobayashi, Tohoku University, Japan

REACTION KINETICS including the kinetics of hydrocarbon fuels, NOx and SOx, mechanism generation, simplification, reduction and informatics of reaction systems. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Henry J. Curran, National University of Ireland, Ireland; Anthony M. Dean, Colorado School of Mines USA; Ulrich Maas, University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany; Alison S. Tomlin, University of Leeds, UK.

SOOT, PAH and OTHER LARGE MOLECULES such as dioxins and fullerenes including the physical and chemical processes affecting their formation, growth, and destruction. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Meredith B. Colket, United Technologies Research Center, USA; Andrea D'Anna, University of Naples Federico II, Italy; Markus Kraft, University of Cambridge, UK.

DIAGNOSTICS including the development and application of diagnostic techniques and sensors for the understanding, and control of combustion phenomena. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Jay B. Jeffries, Stanford University, USA; Robert P. Lucht, Purdue University, USA; Christof Schulz, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

LAMINAR FLAMES including experiments, theory, and simulations applied to premixed, non-premixed, and partially premixed flames along with their ignition, extinction, stabilization, instabilities, and interactions with flows. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Suresh K. Aggarwal, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA; Philip de Goey, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands; Satoru Ishizuka, Hiroshima University, Japan; Yiguan Ju, Princeton University, USA.

TURBULENT FLAMES including experiments, theory, simulations applied to premixed, non-premixed, and partially-premixed turbulent flames, and fundamental aspects of combustion dynamics. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Jacqueline H. Chen, Sandia National Laboratories, USA; Friedrich Dinkelacker, University of Siegen, Germany; Epaminondas Mastorakos University of Cambridge, UK; Thierry Poinsot, Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse, France.

HETEROGENEOUS COMBUSTION and MATERIAL SYNTHESIS including fundamental aspects of combustion of solid fuels (e.g., coal, char, and biomass, including pyrolysis, gasification, and ash formation) as well as combustion of propellants and metals, catalytic combustion, and material synthesis including nanoparticle and nanotube synthesis. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Osamu Fujita, Hokkaido University, Japan; John Mantzaras, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland; Christopher R. Shaddix, Sandia National Laboratories; Stephen D. Tse, Rutgers University, USA.

SPRAY and DROPLET COMBUSTION including experiments, theory, and simulations applied to droplets, sprays, atomization, and supercritical combustion. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Antonio Cavaliere, University of Naples Federico II, Italy; Julien Reveillon, CORIA, France; Akira Umemura, Nagoya University, Japan.

DETONATIONS, EXPLOSIONS and SUPERSONIC COMBUSTION including pulse-detonation and scramjet engines. Colloquium Co-Chairs: In-Seuck Jeung, Seoul National University, Korea; Gary Sharpe, University of Leeds, UK; Mark Short, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA.

FIRE RESEARCH including fundamental aspects of fires (in normal and reduced gravity), flame spread, combustion suppression as well as applications to building construction and urban/wildland fires. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Arvind Atreya, University of Michigan, USA; Weicheng Fan, University of Science & Technology of China and Tsinghua University, China; Arnoud Trouvé, University of Maryland, USA.

STATIONARY COMBUSTION SYSTEMS and ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT including combustion in fluidized beds, incineration, utility boilers, plants and industrial applications, as well as the associated environmental impact and its mitigation. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Mário Costa, Instituto Superior Téchnico, Portugal; Ichiro Naruse, Nagoya University, Japan; Graham J. Nathan, University of Adelaide, Australia.

IC ENGINE and GAS TURBINE COMBUSTION including engines, (e.g., direct injection, spark ignition, diesel, and HCCI engines) as well as modeling, simulation, and phenomenological aspects of combustion in gas turbines (for propulsion and power generation). Colloquium Co-Chairs: John E. Dec, Sandia National Laboratories; Andreas Dreizler, University of Darmstadt, Germany; Daniel C. Haworth, Pennsylvania State University, USA; Jerry M. Seitzman, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

NEW TECHNOLOGY CONCEPTS, REACTING FLOWS and FUEL TECHNOLOGY including mini- and micro-combustors, mild combustion, plasma-aided combustion, oxy-fuel combustion, cool flame processes, hydrothermal reaction, fuel surrogates other novel combustion processes. Colloquium Co-Chairs: Derek Dunn-Rankin, University of California at Irvine, USA; Dimitrios Kyritsis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA; Kaoru Maruta, Tohoku University, Japan.