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Local Arrangements

Please click here for a week-at-a-glance of the Symposium.

Name Badges
Please wear your name badge at all times. Badges are required for admission to technical sessions and social events.

No Smoking
Please observe the no smoking policy inside buildings, and within 9 m of entrances to buildings, on the McGill Campus.

Computer Access
Participants will be assigned a unique ID that can be used for computer access in Frank Dawson Adams 1, McConnell Engineering 10, and Macdonald-Harrington G15. The unique user ID will also enable participants to log into the wireless network on campus for wireless internet access.

The computer labs are open during the following hours on Monday to Friday:

McConnell Engineering 109 am to 5 pm
Frank Dawson Adams 19 am to 5 pm
Macdonald-Harrington G1512 pm to 5 pm

Refreshment Breaks
Refreshment breaks will occur every morning and afternoon during breaks in the Technical Sessions. Coffee, tea, juice, and light snacks will be available at no cost.

Lunch is not provided during the Symposium. Instead, participants are encouraged to explore the wide variety of restaurants and food courts in downtown Montreal. A separate map highlighting restaurants and food courts will be provided.